Our Team

Meet the team at Wychall Primary School


Mr N Lamorte

Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs G Jones

Assistant Headteacher & SENDCo:

Mrs J Barrow

Assistant Headteacher & Year 6 Teacher:

Miss A Flavell

Assistant Headteacher & Year 6 Teacher:

Ms J Foulds

Pastoral Manager:

Ms S Stanley (Ms H Eaton - Maternity)

Nursery Teacher:

Ms K Newman

Reception Teacher / Early Years Phase Leader:

Ms K Mitchell

Reception Teacher:

Ms J Hicking

Year 1 Teacher & Phase Leader:

Ms R Leonard

Year 1 Teacher:

Miss A Bunting

Year 2 Teacher:

Miss L Tack

Year 2 Teacher:

Ms P Wallace

Year 3 Teacher:

Miss A Tourt

Year 3 Teacher:

Ms S Drummond

Year 4 Teacher:

Mrs D Nagra

Year 4 Teacher:

Mrs L Benson

Year 5 Teacher:

Mrs A Durose

Year 5 Teacher:

Miss F Kinteh

Year 6 Teacher & Phase Leader:

Miss S Taylor

Year 6 Teacher:

Ms M Wales

Cover Staff:

Mr M Jones (Teacher)

Mrs S Singh (Teacher)

Mrs L Benson (Teacher)

Learning Mentors:

Ms T Smith

Ms S Hopkinson

Attendance Lead:

Ms L Porter

Teaching Assistants:

Ms C Pulling (Nursery)

Mrs R Virdee (Reception)

Ms L Visan (Reception)

Ms N Byrne ( Year 1 and 2)

Mrs K Watson (Year 3)

Ms S Chinn & Ms S Begum (Year 4)

Ms J Hoare (Year 5)

Mrs A Algar (Year 6)

Mr L Bowen (KS2 and 1:1)

Mrs R Stone (1:1)

Ms C Timmins (1:1) (Ms H Friar - Maternity)

Office Manager

H Cahill

School Secretary:

Mrs S Kennard

Office Administrator:

Ms G Beckett


Mrs C Parry

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