Art and Design

At Wychall Primary School, the Art and Design Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum’s aims and objectives.

It ensures that pupils gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to create pieces of art using their imagination and inspiration from their environment.

Pupils are exposed to a variety of media, tools and materials. They develop the knowledge and skills to become proficient in pencil work, paint work, sculpture, textiles and collage: pupils explore a variety of artists and their art work, these artists are selected to ensure that pupils are exposed to the diverse world of art and artists. All pupils have their own art sketch book where they can experiment and refine their learning before applying to finished pieces.

In Key Stage One, the pupils will be provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of key artistic disciplines, such as: sculpture, pencil work, paint and collage. They will develop skills that enable them to understand the importance of concepts, such as: line, shape, shade and colour in producing creative artwork. Pupils in year one will become familiar with colours and the colour wheel, experiencing first-hand how colours can be mixed to create other colours. The pupils will be inspired through the exploration of existing pieces of art completed by notable artists within each discipline. The pupils will experiment with a variety of media, enabling them to have a broad understanding of key concepts that will be built upon in Key Stage Two. Pupils will work with a range of materials, including clay and charcoal, and tools, such as: rolling pins, spatulas and forks. When working with clay, pupils will begin by working on a 2D sculpture.

In lower Key Stage Two, pupils further develop and refine the key concepts from Key Stage One. They begin to look in-depth at the work of significant artists and designers from both contemporary and historical periods. The pupils are taught to bring concepts together to produce creative and skilfully thought out final pieces of art. Pupils expand their knowledge of key concepts by learning about pattern, texture and perspective. The pupils begin to explore the importance of art and design in not only leisure but also industry in the modern world. Pupils explore the importance of art and design in enhancing the aesthetics of products which are used in the daily lives of people within Britain and around the world. Pupils begin to broaden their awareness of materials and start to use these materials for more precise purposes. During year four, pupils will explore architecture and the role of architects, focusing on architects that have contributed to Birmingham’s urban landscape – perspective drawing is also introduced to pupils. Pupils begin to work with creating sculptures that are now 3D.

In upper Key Stage Two, pupils broaden their knowledge of significant artists and styles from modern and historical times. Pupils will continue to bring together concepts that they have learnt about throughout Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two to create precise and carefully designed art work. Pupils will be exposed pointillism and use this style of art to create their own pieces.  In year 6, pupils will work towards creating ‘finale’ pieces of art that require their knowledge of all previously taught skills and concepts; teachers will inspire pupils by introducing and exploring notable artists in the particular disciplines being studied.  Pupils will create 3D sculptures that are more complex, using other materials, rather than clay.

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